In Loving Memory of Henry.

Jonathan - last year I purchased a wonderful dog from you we named Henry. I believe you were at your WV home just about to move. Not sure if you remember us from PA. Anyway, I loved Henry. He was so good with my children and such a wonderful hunting dog. Tragically, he was killed when he impaled himself on a tree branch. It was such a freak accident. He was such a good boy...
Best of friends in the field.

Did I hunt Henry?  Every week, not too mention I ran him every morning.  He was a natural.  My hunting partner has hunted dogs for 45 years and said Henry was one of the best he had ever seen.
The perfect gentleman at home.
Attached are a few photos.
He stayed “dry” in his crate from 10:30 – 6:00.  Doing fine using the bathroom outside. He has quite the nose, and is already doing little points!   (only one inside mishap because Allen wasn’t watching !)
Introduced him to our yellow lab mix, in the house.  Their night crates are side by side.
The hound dog met him when he was in his “play yard”.  I will keep them apart probably until the pup is much bigger, as she is so athletic.
Eating fine.
Thanks for such great training in a family with children!  I couldn’t be more pleased.
We visited my 90 year old mother who was taking her nap, and her joy in meeting him was priceless.
Feel free to use any photos I send you .

Susan G.
 Harrisonburg, VA  6/22/2017

Hi All, We enjoyed our visit with you and your family. Your son is a well mannered and helpful young man. We had a good trip with Amos and Andy. Amos is a reserved puppy whereas Andy is precocious Andy will tell you his mind. Andy let us know he wasn't pleased to be removed from his family and it took about an hour before he accepted his new environment. Both puppies traveled well but as the P in puppies denotes they do and quiet often. Andy got car sick once and only one bowel movement was encountered but we could not determine the culprit. We stopped at several Rest Areas to give them fresh air, a little exercise and the necessary P breaks.

First efforts at leash training could have been better but they lived up to their namesakes in the comic arena if not in the training. We arrived at their new home at 5pm Nashville time, immediately gave A @ A a warm shower ( which they assumed might be a last rite ), food and water that they devoured and gave them the nickel tour of home. Only a couple of accidents occurred but we quickly encouraged them to consider the outdoors for further personal relief forays.

They slept in the house but inside the travel kennel and although Andy ( yellow ) voiced his disapproval of sleeping arrangements they both settled in and slept quietly all night.

I awoke at 3:30am, Debbie too, we woke A @ A, took them outside and they accomplished their assigned mission.

They have settled in and are enjoying the accommodations of the puppy B&B. They are learning their names, usually COME on demand helps when I get down low, have gone to the door go out with us as chaperones, no accusers today, yet.

I believe that it has been easier for the adjustment because these pups have been relying on each other. Thanks again, Steve and Debbie.


 Hi Y'all, hope everyone is doing great.

A and A have been a joy. Our vet has continued their shots and last weigh in was within an ounce at 14 pounds each. They are of course house broken, sleep in my tool shop, Andy just asked to go outside. I'm back, they both GO at the same time and GO on command. I say PEE PEE and POO POO and they perform as requested. This takes persistence but each time they GO, repeat the command and they catch on.

Debbie and I spend our time in our Sunroom and we allow A and A to spend time with us there. They have a very large dog bed and spend most of their time playing and sleeping on it. We will not close the door to the other rooms in our house but have accustomed them to stop at the threshold and sit. They're puppies and they tend to forget or push their limits, they just need constant reminders and will stay where they should even if we leave the room for a short time. They're smart.

If they need to go outside they either go to the outside door or come to one of us and ask to go. If the weather is nice we leave the outside door cracked and they use their nose to open it to get out or their paw to open it to come in.

We installed Invisible Fencing around an acre to include the outside door and within two days they knew where the boundaries were. We don't have to watch them all the time.

Amos, black puppy, has been retrieving, occasionally, I don't push it. It has gotten frequent when they are running outside to point anything and the other pup will honor the point. So pretty, tails are high and straight and usually a paw is raised. I'm getting quail scent and wings to start training the point.

That just about covers it. Take care tell everyone HI. Steve and Debbie

Nashville, TN  2/15/2017

Hi there!
Now that Hank is 5 months old, wanted to provide an update, pictures and positive testimonial!  I remember your daughter seemed especially fond of Hank (captain) in case you wanted to share with your family.  We are totally in love, Hank is such a gentile, loving, smart playful pup. We totally agree English setters are such people pleasers and we will never go back!  He has already learned a couple commands including sit, stay, paw, and down. He fetches, and is starting to jog with me in spurts while still cuddling up with us on the couch. 

 He is always the hit of the playground and wants to kiss and play with every dog he meets, so much we have to be over protective cause he wants to kiss all the dogs! I've also had other dogs that will growl when tested or cornered and we have not heard him even growl yet, doesn't seem to be in his personality he's so sweet and gentle! Everyone who meets him loves him! 

I cannot say good things about this little guy, wanted to thank you for such a great pup!

 HI Jonathan and Mary,

Just wanted to let you know that Finn had his first formal lesson today at Hedgerow. We put him in the pheasant pen and fired a blank gun while he was chasing birds and he didn't even bat an eye. Then we took him out in the field and fired a shotgun in the air while he was chasing a clip wing and again he didn't even notice. Finally Pat planted a pigeon which Finn pointed we flushed it and Finn ran right over and picked up. Pat was very impressed with him. I'll be taking him out to Hedgerow weekly now and I'll keep you posed on his progress. I couldn't be happier with him.


Note: ( Finn is only 4 months old at this posting!)

Johnathan and Mary,

Just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC dog Tanner has become.  We have been very successful in the field this year.  Tanner holds a rock solid point and if he scents a bird will  not give up on it until the bird is found.  He will either hold the point or flush the bird if he is released to do so.  Yesterday I shot a nice cock pheasant that fell into the Connecticut river about 35-40 feet off shore.  As you know Tanner loves the water.  I told him to 'fetch it up" and he dove right in, swam to the bird, grabbed it and brought it right back to me.  He has never been trained to retrieve from water.  This dog is a natural and he is simply a joy to work with.  All this and he was just 10 months old yesterday!!! 

Have a great day!!!


Hello Jonathan and Mary,

 Just wanted to keep you up to date! Winston is doing great...just weighed in at 22 lbs at the vet today! He is the star attraction at all the H.S. girls Cross Country meets and for that matter, where ever we take him! Attaching a photo of him when we went scouting for deer in the woods! He is such a sweetheart and loves to hang on our bed every night before I put him in his crate!

 Take care,



I wanted to drop you a line and let you know we are very happy with our new addition, Nellie.  She is settling in nicely.  We have continued her feeding schedule as explained by Mary and have started to introduce Purina One Lamb into her diet.  She seems to enjoy it. We made a quick trip to the grocery store and bought as many puppy play toys that we could, she loves the teething bones, ropes and balls.  She can also make quick work of a pop bottle and gives us a few good laughs while doing so.  At night she does very well, she easily goes into her kennel around 10 or 11pm and does not cry (to go out) until about 5 or 6am.  This works nicely with our schedule as that is when we start getting up for work.  She is excellent on her leash and we have started letting our children take her out for her morning “business”.  She is very cuddly and affectionate and it is without a doubt that she came from a good home.

Again, I would like to thank you for Nellie, we enjoy her very much. 

Best regards
Erin. Canada

 Mary and Jonathan,

It was very nice to meet you Mary and thank you for the puppy tips.  Duke was fine all the way. I couldn't wait to get him home and settled in.  When we got home I got him set up in the kitchen etc , then we explored my back yard. I took him right out to his "spot " to go and he did. He got use to my deck steps the second time out, which he now goes right up and down. He seems to understand to  go to my slider,  out to the deck means "out". We played, explored and I fed him at 6. He loved the venison and bison which I did add rice to. I fed him in  the crate as you suggested.  I sat on the floor with him in my den , and he layed across my legs, cuddled, and fell asleep. I slid him into a dog bed and he never woke up , so I could send you this note.
I think he is going to be great. He seems quite attached to me already, and the bonding and quality time is very important at this stage. Your daughter did a great
job with her training.  He is absolutley a great pup.
I'm really glad I found him through you.
Thanks again,

 Hi Jonathan, 

Winston is doing great! We are very excited to have him home!
Quick question for you, seems laughable to even ask but I'm curious how you guys handled "bed time?" I meant to ask this morning. Was there a specific time that you would put them in the crate OR was it based on when you went to bed? We are just curious. So far he's done really good with the crate, he took a nap in it this afternoon and has walked in and out. We are thrilled. the little things i know...

Again, thanks for all your guidance!
Mike.  MA

 Hey Jonathan,

 Just wanted to update you on how Cleo is doing. She had a good drive back from your house got car sick from going up & down all the mountains but it was all fine we brought towels. when she arrived she met our cat & obviously the cat didn't like the new company but Cleo did not seem to feel threatened nor did she try to play with the cat. I took for her a walk after I gave her a cup of food. she seems to be settling in very well!
Thank you again for providing such a beautiful new addition to our family!

-Chris.  NY


 Just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting her on the plane she arrived in great shape. I hope she doesn’t get to spoiled.
 Betty Jo. MN