We raise our Duck Tollers in an environment that is conducive to
developing the perfect family and hunting companion. Whether you are looking for a family pet or the ultimate gun dog, the Nova Scotia Duck Toller has been proven to fill both or either role. The breed is an excellent swimmer, hunting partner and family dog. The hunting instinct will not interfere with the Tollers ability to make a wonderful family friend, hence their adopted name “The little river duck dog”. We have raised all of our breeding dams and sires from puppy to adult right in our home with our children. Our dogs are hunted throughout hunting season and worked routinely during the off season. When we are not able to make it to the water we bring the water to our Tollers. We recently added an in ground swimming pools for our dogs to swim and train!

We have owned and handled other hunting breeds; Goldens, Labs, and Short haired pointers to name a few. We will never go back. We are hooked on the little river duck dog and we believe you will be too.